An Indian/English fusion wedding in London

I met up with Tanya and James a few weeks ago to do a pre-wedding shoot with them and they chose Teddington Lock, which is near to the venue they were going to be married in - The Landmark Arts Centre. For the wedding day itself, they wanted to do the portrait shots before the ceremony (something which is a great idea - it gives us much more time to capture some beautiful images and there are fewer pressures on the bride and groom). They left me to choose where to do them as they didn’t really want to visit the same location again. So on the day, we found ourselves whisked off to a part of Richmond Park which I had scouted out a few weeks beforehand. Tanya had two dresses - one for the shoot and the reception and a traditionally red-coloured one for the ceremony - both of which were stunning and very heavy!

After the shoot, the Hindu wedding ceremony itself took place inside the Landmark - a former church - beautiful colours, customs and traditions intermingled with fantastic food and dancing made for a spectacular day. Here are some of their images and many thanks to my assistant for the day, Jon Mold.

And James getting ready, shot my my assistant for the day, Jon

And so off to Richmond Park….

One of Jon’s…

After a few formals, time for a couple more portrait shots in the grounds

And then some dancing…

Some music…

And the food!

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